Isaiah Dearborne




Course Creation

Develop a platform to easily and quickly create courses related to Systemic Reconciliation.

Website Design

Design & Develop a WordPress Website to serve to educate and excite potential new clients on the benefits of Systemic Re-conciliation (not just personally - but also the collateral benefits to the world).

Print Design

OPTIONAL: Design business cards & other print materials to support launch of business.

Let's work together to create magic.

Clear, thoughtful messaging + beautiful design

It starts with simplicity. My thought is to combine elements of Sacred Geometry with elements of the natural world (like spirit animals, shaman imagery, etc).

Create an easy to use site which educates the audience on what Systemic Reconciliation is - how it works - and the ways in which the benefits cascade throughout society.

Incorporate thoughtful calls to action. These calls to action should be centered on how those looking to do this work will ultimately remove their own blocks, so they can be of more benefit to the world.

Increase awareness and build community. I can envision creating community via coursework around specific cohorts or content.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo da Vinci


Web Design/Dev


$ 2500
  • WordPress Brochure Style Website
  • Clear CTA's to encourage engagement
  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Events Calendar
  • LearnDash Course Plugin
  • SSL Encryption (through Let's Encrypt)
  • Basic SEO

Print Package


$ 500
  • Business Cards
  • 1 4x6 Postcard
  • Social Media Banners for FB, Instagram & Twitter

Print Package


$ 850
  • Business Cards
  • 1 4x6 Postcard
  • 1 8x11 Flyer
  • Social Media Banners for FB, Instagram, & Twitter
  • Social Media Stories Template for Instagram & FB
  • Tri-fold Brochure