We're All In It Together

Give Thanks For A Little – And You Will Find A Lot

Monday nights in Boulder, there are free Dharma talks at the Boulder Shambhala Center. The first talk I ever went to was entitled, “Generosity, the virtue that produces peace“. Generosity is the first of the dana paramita – serving as the foundation of all the others (generosity, ethical self-discipline, patience, perseverance, concentration, wisdom).

I haven’t felt generous in a long time. I haven’t had the space necessary to be generous. Today, I was reminded generosity is not only about giving financially, but also about the spirit of giving of ourselves (via time or service). Ways in which I always strive to give – to be of benefit to my community and to the world. I am thankful to find there are so many ways for us to give.

If you are in Boulder, here is a short list of ways you can give:

  • Friendship Colorado (this is the organization I volunteer with – mostly on Sundays – feeding the homeless. In the summers, they do hot dog cookouts – including vegan hot dogs for the vegetarians and the vegans).
  • Watch Waylon (Waylon Lewis is the founder of Elephant Journal. Periodically, he will post excellent opportunities to cultivate generosity within our community).
  • Humane Society of Boulder Valley (Whether fostering or volunteering to care for the animals via cleaning kennels, you will be caring for the wisest souls who live among us).
  • Respite & Companion Volunteer (Speaking of wisdom, I have always said, with age comes beauty and wisdom. If you have at least 2 hours/week to give, consider becoming a companion volunteer to one of our community elders).

What are other non-financial ways in which you give to the community? WE really are all in it together.


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