Brock Pierce For President

Case Study: 2020 Presidential Campaign

Born into a middle-class home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to a mother who was a minister and a father who was a carpenter, Brock Pierce began his working career as a child actor, starring in movies such as The Mighty Ducks and First Kid.

Two decades later, Disney’s First Kid ran for President of the United States.

Skill Set

Social Media
Content Development
Brock Pierce For President: 2020


We joined the 2020 campaign in the 11th hour. Originally brought in to right a sinking ship, what we found was a team we loved working with so much – they became like family to us.

The truth is, we had a lot to prove. We were the third social media agency brought on Brock’s Presidential Campaign. We’re not gonna lie, those first few days were rough. But, once Brock and the team knew we were there to do the work – we earned their respect – and they earned our admiration.

Brock Alaska
Brock In Alaska


Why we succeeded where previous teams failed – was a 3-pronged approach.

  1. Chase Strategy NOT Algorithms.
  2. Champion The Biggest Fans & Supporters (especially the ones on your team)
  3. Track The Metrics That Matter


We walked away from the campaign having successfully increased user engagement 373%!

But, for us, the most important metric – was winning Brock’s trust and respect. He is the kind of client we love. Someone so dedicated to his mission – he works tirelessly in pursuit of his vision. He is also the kind of client who only gives praise when it is truly warranted.

When we finished our last piece of content for Brock’s 2020 Presidential Campaign – we had a feeling it was absolutely perfect. When Brock read it, he looked up at us and said, “It’s Perfect. Absolutely Perfect”.

Since the end of the campaign, we have continued working with Brock and his team on various projects. We hope they will be clients for years to come – after all, they are family now.