Engage & Retain

Exceptional Strategies for Restaurant Growth

What You'll Learn

Engagement Strategies

Learn unique strategies for customer engagement including list-building, mobile marketing, event booking techniques, and more.

Love Notes

Want better online reviews? Discover low-cost and no-cost techniques for more 5-star reviews on sites like Yelp & Google - plus creative ways for managing negative reviews.

Build Community

Find out what it takes to build a community of RAVING FANS while guaranteeing repeat customers. Unearth your exceptional touch points and learn how to turn those touch points into talking points.

Growth Automation

Put technology to work for you! Save time and money by utilizing chat bots and other tools for seamless automated customer engagement.

So…you’ve found the perfect location.

You’ve hired a brilliant chef and dedicated staff.

You’ve held a grand opening, and even been featured in various local or national publications.

You’ve scored your first regulars.

Business is good. Steady. But margins in the restaurant industry are slim. You know that 59% of restaurants FAIL within the first 3 years.



The truth is, the restaurant industry is experiencing a period of rapid growth and change. New technologies and the universal adoption of social media have forever altered the landscape of the service industry.

Whether you’ve been operating for a month or 20 years, the success or failure of your marketing strategy (both online and off) is vital to your business. 

Today, it’s not enough to have the perfect location, great food, and positive word-of-mouth. Sure those are all excellent for attracting first-time customers – but in order to build and grow a legendary restaurant – a restaurant that beats the odds – and stands the test of time – you must be EXCEPTIONAL.

Experience The Exceptional Difference

The Half Day Workshop Focused on Customer Growth and Increasing Your Profits