Credo. Philosophy. Values. Code. Ideology. Wisdom.


1. Beliefs Matter

Most people do business with people they know and like. We do business with people who believe what we believe.

2. Open Eyes. Open Minds.

We believe in keeping our eyes open. We know enough about our space to be effective, make an impact, and help our clients to be wildly successful…but we‘re always keeping our eyes and minds open to new ideas. We think“experts” and “gurus” are over rated. We like to think of ourselves as students and teachers. Always learning, always sharing.

3. Ordinary Heroes

We believe that everyone is the hero of their own story. Every member of our team, every client, every partner and person who crosses our path has a valuable, interesting and unique story to tell.

We recognize that the richness and beauty of life is often found in ordinary moments. We seek to honor those moments and the people who create them.

4. Gentle Warriors

We believe in the way of the warrior. We face ourselves and the world around us with clear eyes. We look with honesty to see the truth without passing judgment. We know that sometimes mistakes happen, but instead of asking who’s to blame? We ask, how can we work together to fix this? Open and honest communication sits at the heart of every thing we do. Some have said that we are honest to a fault. But our brand of radical honesty is always practiced with gentle kindness and respect.

5. Epic Generosity

We believe in giving back. Whether in time, money or resources – we‘re always looking for ways to give back to causes and organizations that we believe in. We also give away lots of free content in the form or articles, podcasts and videos on our website and partner sites. We do it because it feels good to give.

6. Co-opetition

We believe in abundance. We know that there is more work out there than people able or willing to do it. And since we know there is so much work, we are free to be generous with our clients, partners, community and yes, even our competitors. We‘re always looking for ways to collaborate with the competition – and we greatly admire all the local companies in our space.

7. Credit is Infinity Divisible

We believe in sharing the spot light. Getting credit for doing a job well done feels good, but sharing the credit with others feels down right awesome. That’s why we look for opportunities to highlight our team members, clients and partners doing great work all over the world.

8. Walking On Sunshine

We believe that when the going gets tough – it’s time to sing & dance. Our company theme song is Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves. Stay tuned for our very own music video coming to your favorite web video site soon. And don’t be surprised if we ask you to join us for a dance!

9. Authenticity > Popularity

We believe that being authentic is better than being popular. In addition to authenticity – we‘re big fans of modesty (see also humbleness), wise speech, wise actions, mindfulness and setting the right intentions. Do No Harm. Do No Evil. Don’t Panic. We‘re fans of all the whole lot. We also dig the number 42.

10. The Right Stuff

We believe in practicing and cultivating compassion, strength of character, patience, dedication, openness and fairness in all that we do, and we like to surround ourselves with people who do the same. In the end, it all comes down to integrity.

CORE VALUE: We're In It Together

We believe that working together we can make the world a better place. If you believe the same, then maybe you should work with us?